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Class Descriptions

~ Fitness ~

Total Body Strength

Strength exercises using equipment such as dumbbells, bands and more for a total body workout. Total Body Conditioning is intended to provide total fitness and overall toning by working every major muscle group in one workout.

Stretch & Strength

Traditional stretching as well as strength exercise on the mat.

On the Ball

A full body workout using the stability ball. The ball is a challenging and effective means of building muscles and endurance, strengthening your core, and developing flexibility and balance. All levels encouraged!

Interval Mix

FUN...high energy cardio, core & weights for a total body workout!

Cardio Dance & Conditioning

Exhilarating easy-to-follow dance moves (pop, club, hip hop music) combining fast and slow rhythms to tone and sculpt your body while burning fat.

Sit & Get Fit

A seated and supported total body workout focusing on strength, flexibility and balance. We will incorporate light weights, bands, balls and more providing the same benefits of a standing and mat class. This class is perfect for anyone needing a little more support or for those who just want a comfortable change of pace.

Triple Treat

Description coming soon.

~ Yoga ~

ZC Vinyasa

A dynamic flow of postures connecting breath and movement. This class builds strength, flexibility, endurance, focus and balance.

ZC Yoga Flow

A less intense version of Vinyasa. Shorter flows are offered and balanced with more grounded stretching sequences.

ZC Yoga Fusion

Energetic yoga sequences incorporating the use of light weights and body weight exercises to increase strength.

ZC Healthy Backs & Meditation

A practice of aligned movement and clear intention. Class begins with an idea that we plant in our mind as we move into poses to keep us focused. The result is a stronger more flexible body and a kinder attitude to others AND ourselves.

ZC Gentle Flow

A grounded series of yoga postures designed to relax and restore

ZC Mini Vini

A dynamic class with shorter vinyasa flows interspersed with core work, strengthening and balancing sequences.

ZC Better Backs

Work your entire spine (sacral, lumbar, thoracic, and cervical), while opening your hips, hamstrings, shoulders and other areas that might cause tension and discomfort in the body. In addition to experiencing therapeutic

ZC Chair Yoga

Yoga class modified to use a chair in seated position as well as for balance.

ZC Yoga at the Wall

Yoga class that incorporates a wall for various postures. Please make sure you have a nice open wall space available.

~ Pilates & Barre ~

Pilates Blend

Full body barre workout. Ballet inspired movement and cardio bursts (Low impact options), focusing on muscular endurance and dynamic stretching.

Barre Blend

A Barre Fusion class is a workout done at the ballet barre/chair formatted to be heart pumping. This workout is designed to increase your cardiovascular strength while helping you to tone, sculpt, and lengthen your muscles from head to toe.

Mat Pilates

Total body Pilates workout on the mat.

~ 30 Minute Classes ~

Core Blast

Total core workout on the mat! Weights may be used.

Upper Body Blast

Upper body strength workout with weights.

Interval Cardio & Hoop

High energy Intervals of hula hoop, low impact cardio & dynamic stretch. Hula hooping is an outstanding cardio & core workout. All levels welcome! Hula hoop optional :)

Pilates Stretch

An Invigorating start to your day with 30 minutes of a total body stretch and "below the belt" Pilates mat work!

Sun Salutations

An invigorating warmup for the mind body & soul in the the classic Ashtanga tradition.

Kick Box & Strength

Description coming soon.

~ 45 Minute Classes ~

Interval Hoop

High energy Intervals of hula hoop, low impact cardio & dynamic stretch. Hula hooping is an outstanding cardio & core workout. All levels welcome! Hula hoop optional :)

Roll & Recovery

Full body stretch and self massage using a foam roller to release muscular tension and overall stress. Roller optional but highly recommended for optimal stretch.

Butts & Guts

Challenging exercises to sure tone, strengthen & sculpt your abs, butt, and legs.

Cardio Blast

30 minutes of cardio conditioning