Empowerment Plan

ZoomCrew + Empowerment Plan

The ZoomCrew was founded on building community. When COVID-19 hit in early 2020 gyms and fitness studios were shut down shortly thereafter. This wasn't just a missed opportunity to exercise, it was a missed opportunity to connect.

Allison Kaplan decided that she was going to take her 30+ years of fitness experience and use it for good. So she began doing free classes for her friends. That list of friends quickly grew to over 1000 email subscribers and 10 instructors. It was obvious that ZoomCrew had become a business but in an effort to stay true to the original mission of building community ZoomCrew decided to donate a membership to a person in need for every one that is purchased.

Enter The Empowerment Plan.

Empowerment Plan is a Detroit non-profit that manufactures a hybrid coat / sleeping bag distributed to homeless populations around the country. All of the seamstresses are formerly homeless individuals who become part of a two year training and apprenticeship program.

We began our partnership by giving our free memberships to Empowerment Plan employees but we quickly realized that our missions are so aligned and we wanted to connect on a deeper level. We now offer live classes to Empowerment Plan employees while they are at work twice a month.

Learn more about the Empowerment Plan here.